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med life about usHello!

My name is Dr. John Abernathy and I’m the CEO of Medlife: Doctor Marketing.

We’re a full service marketing agency specializing in, yep, you guessed it: marketing for doctor’s offices.

We kind of fell backwards into this gig. I started off at Harvard, where I got my undergrad in business as well as my PhD in children’s medicine.

After I graduated I moved on to a small office where I was groomed to be my own boss. After about  months there I decided it was time to brand off on my own.

I opened my own office and I couldn’t go back to working for anyone after that. The rush of working for yourself, on your own with no safety net was something I longed for.

After 16 years in my own office, I decided to move on to a new profession: marketing.

I found out in my time as my own boss that I was really good at driving new customers through my business on a daily basis. That’s why I decided to brand off on my own and team up with more doctors to open this business.

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