Everyone on our team has a Ph. D from Harvard – that’s a pretty impressive staff.

With that kind of fire power we can offer a variety of marketing services and deliver them at a top notch level.

We offer a number of services here at Med Life Medical Marketing, including the following:

free-60-icons-01Cold calling services: sometimes it’s hard to get clients on the phone. No worries, our staff of Indian outsourcers will pick up the phone and call whoever you want! From mass cold calling to spam cold calling, our team will get it done for you.

free-60-icons-14Search Engine Optimization: Look, we’re not experts – we openly admit that. But, we’re doctors. We can figure it out, right? We have a team of companies that we work with that provide awesome SEO services on our behalf. We will rank you on the first page, we promise!

free-60-icons-08Web Design: Everyone needs a good website these days and if you don’t you’re losing out on precious clients. Take a look at what we’ve done with this website. It’s a free template, but we made it gorgeous, right? We can do the exact same thing for your business in just 2 weeks time.

free-60-icons-02Keyword Research: Do you have any idea how many people are out there searching for your business on a monthly basis? We can tell you, very easily. For just $99 we will do a complete keyword analysis of your website and your industry.


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